Design is a team sport

Recently I heard a fellow designer talking about design being a team sport. Just today I found the exact same theme in “The State of UX in 2020”. Yet, this is not a cool coincidence underlining a trend. Good design has always been and will always be a team sport. Law of nature.

I can tell from first-hand experience, I worked both ways: 10 years as a poorly connected freelancer, doing everything on my own with little to no feedback from other designers. And 4 years at IBM with radical collaboration, lots of possibilities for feedback and exchange, and our design team’s own Definition of Done saying “Critiques until the design team is happy”.

Portrait of Tim

By Tim Reiser

Senior Design Lead and Manager at IBM in Germany blogging about random design and UX topics. Assertive Advocate (INFJ-A), introvert, family guy, dog person, nuts about music. Loves both mountains and the sea – while living too far from both.