What I am looking for when recruiting designers

Way too many applications feature only final screens, often rotated or distorted to fit into a fancy mockup. That’s good stuff to make a first impression, maybe.

But, dear UX designers and visual designers, imagine how meaningful and impactful it would be to show the ‘before’ to this ‘after’, to explain what the design brief or problem statement was, how you tackled and solved it, what methods and tools you chose, how you got to the design decisions you made along the way,…

This is the gold that we are digging for at IBM Design.

Portrait of Tim

By Tim Reiser

Senior Design Lead and Manager at IBM in Germany blogging about random design and UX topics. Assertive Advocate (INFJ-A), introvert, family guy, dog person, nuts about music. Loves both mountains and the sea – while living too far from both.