Rethinking iTunes

iTunes, divided into 15 single-purpose apps… Splitting up the monstrum is really overdue, if you ask me, Apple! ;-) And this is indeed a very nice project with even nicer results! (Must’ve been a hell lot of work!)

Though I don’t agree to or understand all of their decisions…

  • I’d rather disagree to split iTunes into that many apps. E.g. to organize and listen to my music on my computer, why do I need to have 4 apps: Albums, iGear, MusicFinder and Simplay? The decision which app to open to simply search for a track or album (and then listen to it) is really hard.
  • Do I really need to make a decision for an app if I want to listen to a whole album vs. a single track? Why? I find it rather limiting and patronising if I cannot mix albums and single tracks in one playlist – in one app.
  • Push “simplifies the sync process”, Sync is “sync (and space) management” and  AppControl organizes apps – and syncs them as well. But apps only. Hmmm…
  • Why is Apple Tags Windows-only?
  • Someone forgot iTunes U. :-)

Danke @andreasmaks!


The state of in-car UX

In his article on Geoff Teehan sharply and aptly describes the quality of in-car digital user interfaces, especially the central control units in the center console.

A lot of work ahead there… ?


Brutally Honest Job Titles

“Social Media Strategist”
Person with the Twitter password