Rethinking iTunes

iTunes, divided into 15 single-purpose apps… Splitting up the monstrum is really overdue, if you ask me, Apple! ;-) And this is indeed a very nice project with even nicer results! (Must’ve been a hell lot of work!)

Though I don’t agree to or understand all of their decisions…

  • I’d rather disagree to split iTunes into that many apps. E.g. to organize and listen to my music on my computer, why do I need to have 4 apps: Albums, iGear, MusicFinder and Simplay? The decision which app to open to simply search for a track or album (and then listen to it) is really hard.
  • Do I really need to make a decision for an app if I want to listen to a whole album vs. a single track? Why? I find it rather limiting and patronising if I cannot mix albums and single tracks in one playlist – in one app.
  • Push “simplifies the sync process”, Sync is “sync (and space) management” and  AppControl organizes apps – and syncs them as well. But apps only. Hmmm…
  • Why is Apple Tags Windows-only?
  • Someone forgot iTunes U. :-)

Danke @andreasmaks!

By Tim Reiser

A Senior Design Lead at IBM in Germany blogging about random design and UX topics. Family guy, dog person, nuts about music, living too far away from the mountains and the sea.